Coping with and understanding the “other'”.

I am always amazed at how husbands and wives embroiled in a divorce action seem to want the benefit of the law applied when it helps his or her case, yet cannot abide by the obligations that are part and parcel of the rules they wish to invoke.  Go figure.

In all these years of practice, giving advise and listening to the stories from both sides of the marital fence, I have come to the opinion that there needs to be a mandated class in high school on coping with marriage and interpersonal relationships.  What do you think? Are there some things about the opposite sex (or same sex, for that matter) that young people just need to know prior to emparking on the “Great I DO”?


One thought on “Coping with and understanding the “other'”.

  1. All things considered, there are so many things that assault people in today’s society. As I look over the horizion, I see difficult sailing ahead for both families and for the general economy as a whole.

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